Ctrl+Paint — Digital Realism Starter Kit (ENG)

Ctrl+Paint - Digital Realism Starter Kit (ENG)

Новые курсы от CTRL+paint по цифровому рисованию — digital realism starter kit

Описание с сайта ctrlpaint:

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of digital painting, adding detail is the next step. In this pursuit, photographic elements are a powerful tool — but they’re not a magic bullet.  One hallmark of beginner work is the sloppy use of photo-detail, carelessly stacked on top of brush strokes.  This collection takes a different approach.  By breaking the challenge down into distinct tools, I demonstrate a methodical approach for layering detail into your paintings.  Starting slow, with exercises and drills, these videos aim to de-mystify the process of digital surface detail.

If you want to add detail to your digital paintings, but don’t know where to start, these videos provide a manageable path.  Get ready to practice!

Runtime: 376 Minutes

Список курсов в архиве:

* Layering

* edge control

* texture overlays

* photo details

* precision

* full demo

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